Les utilisateurs de la spectrométrie de masse FT-ICR en parlent le mieux

30 octobre 2020 par Ewen Lescop
La division « Spectrométrie de masse FT-ICR » d’Infranalytics organise sa réunion des utilisateurs le mardi 3 novembre 2020 par visioconférence de 14 heures à 16 heures.

Programme du webinaire :

13h45-14h00 : Welcome in the Teams room

14h00-14h05 : Opening, presentation of the Federation, its missions and its organization by Carlos Afonso and Héloïse Dossmann (Director and Co-Director of the FR 3624)

14h05-14h25 : FTICRMS as a tool to characterize lignin by Anthony Dufour

14h25-14h45 : Ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometry to decipher molecular complexity of meteorites by Jasmine Hertzog, Julien Maillard, Grégoire Danger

14h45-15h05 : Video Break

15h05-15h15 : Studying the interactions between natural organic matter and contaminants of emerging concern by Zsuzsanna Varga

15h15-15h35 : Origins of Life: selectivity in peptides formation on mineral surfaces by Jean-François Lambert

15h35-15h55 : Investigating Modigliani’s pictorial technique by means of technical imaging, macro-X-ray fluorescence, hyperspectral imaging and FT-ICR mass-spectroscopy by Anaïs Genty-Vincent

15h55-16h15 : IRMPD spectroscopy of ligand stabilized metal nano clusters: experiments and limits of theoretical models by Charles Desfrançois

16h15-16h30 : Concluding remarks and discussions

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